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Our mission is to help people
achieve their goals and visions in life.

We seek to transform the lives of students around the world in realizing their infinite potential, through a quality education that a Canadian University would provide.

We believe that learning and education are key ingredients in creating opportunity for young people to achieve their life goals. This unwavering belief compels students to search out places where this mindset is mainstream. Canada is such a country, with many educational institutions that also believe in the value of students and developing the contribution of individuals so they can make a difference in our world. A country that is known for affordable, high quality education. At Education Solutions Canada, we are driven by these ideals and we believe in the student! We also know that the quality of the student educational experience fuels dreams, builds confidence and creates opportunity.

The way we assist students in having opportunity for post-secondary education in Canada is to streamline the process and ease the stress of the applications to educational institutions. We have created a platform where students need only apply once, input their information along with unique personal touches and be seen by multiple schools. This is why we are different.

We offer an opportunity to apply within our website using our quick, user friendly and straightforward login and application process. We support you during this process and then we take the reins by promoting you, providing personal support and offering a full spectrum of services to compliment your educational journey once accepted. Study permit processing, insurance and travel support as well as the necessary personal contact regarding integration into Canada.

We value the trust students have placed in us by applying to our website and are proud to showcase our valuable portfolio of student achievement to universities and colleges across Canada, increasing your chances of being accepted to one or more institutions. This is a win-win for deserving students, their families, Canadian schools and all those involved in the process.

We believe you will feel inspired to apply with the support of our passionate team at Education Solutions Canada. We look forward to assisting you with your educational journey in Canada.

Education Solutions Canada was founded by Mr. Doctor Cassama in 2016. In building his organization, Mr. Cassama specifically recruited a team of individuals with diverse yet complimentary backgrounds. Each team member was recruited based on their sustainable record of personal character and integrity, ability to work well individually, within a team and a proven track record of delivering strong results. Below is a brief bio on each partner.

The ESC Team

Doctor Cassama

Founder and President

Doctor grew up in Sweden and came to Canada in 2010 on a football scholarship to the University of Calgary after being scouted at the World Junior Championships in Canton, Ohio. He entered the 2014 NFL Draft while completing his degree. In recent years Doc has devoted his time to consulting for an engineering company based in Calgary and traveling the globe building business partnerships which led to the birth of Education Solutions Canada Ltd.

Barbara Cox

Co-Founder and Vice President

Barb brings over 30 years of business experience in leadership and management positions working in the oil and gas sector. Barb has a proven record of delivering strong results based on hard work, collaboration, and accountability. Barb passionately believes in the power of education and she has devoted much of her spare time to working with organizations that improve literacy rates and gender equality in education, in the developing world.

Sandra Wigg

Director of Student Integration

Sandra has worked passionately in student athlete academic support, retention and life coaching for the past eight years for both the University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia. The academic and personal support she provides allows students to work to their potential and be very successful with their goals. Many of the student athletes she mentored have gone on in their athletic careers to play professional sport while also graduating from university; understanding the importance of support systems and balance.

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