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Access International College in Partnership with Education Solutions Canada

Access International College was established in Calgary in 2005 as a private school licensed by Alberta Education. Our major attraction is our small average class size. Smaller class sizes facilitate immersion opportunities for students who may have deficiencies in the English language and also ensures students get the individual attention they require for success.

The atmosphere of our school is very open and respectful, where all teachers and students know each other. Within this friendly atmosphere it is easier for students who may be more introverted to learn the English language and integrate into their new Canadian environment.

The teaching philosophy of Access International ensures that students of different levels and learning abilities are addressed equally and individually. We have developed a unique system of curriculum delivery where each student is taught according to their individual goals and are encouraged to progress at their own pace.

At Access International College, we have one mission; we believe that students coming to Canada from overseas should be able to finish school and also be able to enter the work force or post-secondary institutions as soon as possible. It is our desire to maximize time and money for all our students and to teach them English as a Second Language in a superior way.

In addition to helping our students with English proficiency, Access International College also specializes in personalized instruction for all required subjects and other courses for university preparation.  We strive to help students achieve the proper grades to enter the work force or post-secondary admission which is the main goals of a student coming to study aboard in Canada.

For the past 12 years, we have helped hundreds of students successfully enter their choice of post-secondary institutions in Canada with our unique teaching approach.

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